Conduct survey mapping and photogrammetry of large areas with high resolution imagery, generating absolute and scalable plans for sound decision making, progress reporting, agriculture, insurance assessments, weed mapping, environmental impacts and urban planning. As well as, civil progress mapping, project progress for stakeholder’s distribution, project managers, site assessments, site safety plans, insurance assessments, progress payments information for banks approval and non-subjective 3rd party data collection.

See below Case Studies and Examples.



Weed invasion bordering national parks and agriculture centers

The head of forestry and weed control required several consultants to be engaged prior to conducting weed control operations on a highly sensitive and tiem constrained issue. Previously, budgets would exceedingly high sending countless consultants to visit remote sites and locations for assessments, often leading to subjective decision making and a misinterpreted understanding of the real-world situation.
By engaging Perspective Image Solutions, we were able to run a high-resolution mapping survey that allow all consultants to view the same data in one room at one time, enabling them to develop a sound plan for attacking the issue with quantifiable and non-subject data. We continued to conduct mapping surveys on a monthly basis to review the status of the weed issue and take the necessary steps.



Erosion, Dune development and vegetation regeneration

Progress mapping works to re-establish sand dunes that have been eroded. Capturing extensive civil works, dune rehabilitating and overall progress for reporting, contractor progress payments, stakeholder information and case study data on vegetation regeneration. With contour models and imagery of the area.



Crop Yield Mapping & Insurance

Capturing Surface conditions periodically, to determine influence of events and risks of erosion. As well as assessing vegetation under an array of filters and algorithms. For Agriculture, Dune Stability or crop yield and insurances.

Identifying the areas effect on yield by bushfires and flooding for insurance claims and new yield calculations. For farmers and government bodies, with High resolution scalable maps and plant health data layers.